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Dive into the world of ForestWellness with our interactive and gamified learning platform. Whether you're interested in engaging in immersive experiences, developing innovative products, or mastering effective marketing strategies our interactive Forestwell hub is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge through fun, engaging activities.

Our learning hub consists of 3 individual learning environments:

AR Learning environment

Our AR Forest-based learning environment will transport you to the depths of the forest, imagine the crunch of the leaves underneath your feet, and the wind blowing through your hair as you breath in the damp and comforting smell of the trees.

The perfect setting for education and creativity! Work through our AR learning environment, engaging with multimedia content, including video, audio and bitesized learning chunks and see how much knowledge you can soak up from the wise old trees!!

Interactive learning tools

Come and explore our gamified learning environment. Step into the Forestwell world and explore our learning topics through interactive videos, games and other exciting learning activities which will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the wellness industry, forest products and how you too can get involved!

Through the use of simple but effective gamification of our education materials you will find an interactive and exciting learning pathway that works by engaging your senses and helping you to immerse yourself in your educational journey.

Massive Open Online Course

Finally, you can move on to our ForestWell Massive Open Online Course. Created by our team of educators from all over Europe, our course ensures high quality, engaging, and highly informative content delivered to you in a fun and interactive manner!

Weave your way through our online course, engaging with case studies showcasing best practice across Europe, videos to enhance your learning experience and quizzes to test the knowledge you have gained!

Our course covers the below content:

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